About EFDN

About EFDN

The European Football for Development Network (EFDN) began with a small collection of European clubs with shared ideas and values with regards to tackling social issues through football. The clubs aimed to create a shared platform to enable clubs to more efficiently and effectively exchange information, methodologies and programmes in the area of CSR. The clubs put their on-pitch rivalries aside to exchange knowledge and collaborate on programmes targeted at young people who are facing common issues and challenges. This initial collaboration ignited a passion that opened up other opportunities for young people to engage in learning experiences and bring them together.

Nowadays, 96 professional football clubs, leagues, and FAs are a member of the network who together are committed to communities, social responsibilities and who have a passion to cooperate and engage on a European level.

Who are we?

The European Football for Development Network is a non-profit organisation that aims to promote the power of football as a tool for social development and support the efforts of the network members in their initiatives to use football to reach out to various target groups in their communities. To this end, we provide guidance and support within the context of community and social responsibility in European football.

We believe that football can change people’s lives and that is why we aim to inspire all European clubs, leagues and FAs to become more actively engaged in their communities and collaborate with other network members in the field of football and development.

What we do

The goal of the network is to encourage clubs and football foundations to share knowledge, best practices and experiences on an international level in order to enhance the quality and efficiency of national and local football for development initiatives. This is achieved through the international exchange of staff, trainees and participants, international conferences, an online knowledge platform, and developing European community programmes.

We develop meaningful, mutually beneficial partnerships with government agencies, major corporations, federations, and some of the world’s biggest NGO’s.  The Foundation is a leader in the field of corporate social responsibility within sport and development and supports governmental and non-governmental organisations within the fields of sport, economics, education, science, and development.

Our impact

Since 2014, the EFDN has sources and distributed 1.3 million euro to its members to engage in innovative programmes which are directly benefitting the community.

At EFDN we specialise in supporting football clubs to enhance CSR and community engagement programmes in their local communities, to achieve the following social outcomes:

  • Community Cohesion
  • Life Skills
  • Health and Well-being

See our ‘Programmes’ page for details and impact of the various initiatives operated by EFDN, our member clubs and partners.  See also our ‘Resources’ page where you will find a depth of information on the CSR work conducted by the whole network.