Become an Ambassador

3 June 2020

Become an Ambassador

Let’s unite together with the European football community, to safeguard the integrity of the game and reinforce the true values of sportsmanship. Be fair, play fair and be an ambassador for your sport!

Become an ambassador and play your part in creating a safe environment to talk about corruption in football. By signing the registration form, you pledge to always play fair and promote the true values of sport.

As an ambassador, you will be able to unite with other Fair Sport 4 All representatives across European sport. Together, we will create a safe environment and help others to feel more comfortable, to reach out and report any of their concerns. Involving, any potential or suspicious corrupted activity, identified within their sport.

Everyone can become an ambassador, whether you are a club, player or a stakeholder involved in the game, such as leagues, FAs, NGOs, media, companies, etc.


Become an ambassador

  • Always play fair and promote the true values of football.
  • Follow the guidelines stated in the ‘Fair Sport 4 All Handbook’ and the ‘Fair Play Code’.
  • Try to support other people in the football community and create a safe environment for opening up and reporting criminal activities.
  • Share ideas and information on how to stop match-fixing in football.
  • Use your communication channels to inspire others to report and tackle corruption in football.
  • Support the efforts of local anti-corruption authorities.
  • Download the ‘Fair Sport 4 All’ visuals/documents to raise awareness.
  • Follow ‘EFDN’ on Facebook, Twitter and/ or Instagram and use #FairSport4All on your media channels.
  • Be part of our network and work alongside like-minded individuals, to protect the integrity of the game.

Sign up to become an ambassador by filling out the registration form. Once this is complete, you’ll be an official ambassador for your sport.