Call to watch documentaries

15 July 2021

Call to watch documentaries

We invite football communities to take some minutes of their time to watch some interesting documentaries about match-fixing and its environment. Indeed, football is one of the major sports targeted by crime organisations to make money by fixing games in Europe and worldwide.

These documentaries have been realized by TIFO Football and ENDEVR where both shows the insight of this vicious circle. Indeed, match-fixing integrates several aspects we will be able to overview thanks to these reportages.

TIFO Football has realized an introduction about match-fixing. This introduction permits to fans, players, and football industry’s stakeholders to have a better understanding of match-fixing situations. Nowadays, we can see several cases at national, European, and international levels about these events. For example, the UEFA CEBD recently released a sanction of 7-year ban in European competitions counter to FK Ventspils, a Latvian club.

With 15 minutes of introduction, the organisation explains how the process of match-fixing is settled. By this way, you can overview and imagine how it happens in real life with players, referees, and managers.

Source : TIFO Football – The Athletic

Besides, ENDEVR has realized a real documentary about football in an Asian country. This proper documentary shows the diverse steps of match-fixing with sequences where you can listen talks between match-fixer and their intermediaries.

Thanks to this resource, you will understand how people cheat and fix the games before the game.

Source : ENDEVR

By consequence, we really recommend you to take a moment of your time to watch these documentaries who will permit you to have a clear and better understanding of how people fix games, how they operate and who fix games.

As reminder, Fair Sport 4 All programme has been created to call attention to the raising issues with match-fixing. The programme aims to create awareness, share best practices, and develop new educational resources on a practitioner’s level, that can be used to prevent or tackle match-fixing.