EFDN and Kindred Group join forces to prevent match-fixing

22 April 2020

EFDN and Kindred Group join forces to prevent match-fixing

The European Football for Development Network (EFDN) and Kindred Group has strengthened its community partnership, by working together on the launch of our new anti-match-fixing programme ‘Fair Sport 4 All’.

In December 2019, Kindred Group became the first EFDN Community Partner. After previous collaboration on the ‘Active Fans’ programme aimed at making European men and women (aged 35 and over) become more physically active and healthy. After working together on this programme, it became evident that there is a real overlap of values and beliefs between our organisations. Therefore, it felt more than natural to partner up for further collaborations.

A key part of Kindred Group’s sustainability framework is to be an active participant in local communities. The organisation has a clear ambition to provide communities with the knowledge and resources they need, to build a better future. In the summer of 2019, Kindred Group launched a new model which focuses on the inclusion of local communities, into the partnerships arranged between sponsors and sports clubs.

The cooperation with Kindred Group is a constituent of the ‘cooperation with stakeholders’ component of the ‘Fair Sport 4 All’ programme. Partnerships with gambling regulators and industry-leading businesses such as Kindred, will be crucial to create the basis for a common understanding of all stakeholder’s roles and responsibilities, in safeguarding the integrity of sport.