Fair Sport 4 All workshop informs N.E.C. players how to tackle match-fixing

10 May 2023

Fair Sport 4 All workshop informs N.E.C. players how to tackle match-fixing

Last Monday, EFDN prepared an interactive Fair Sport 4 All workshop for the youth football players from N.E.C. U21 and U18 in Nijmegen, the Netherlands.

The Fair Sport 4 All workshop is organised to inform future professional football players about the project itself, including the risks and consequences of match-fixing and different ways of preventing them. After the presentation, the EFDN representatives encouraged the youth football players from N.E.C. to test their knowledge related to match-fixing.

For this purpose, they provided them with a knowledge-quiz and an “on pitch” game in which the youth teams were challenged to “find the fixers” and tackle them, based on the knowledge that they gained during the interactive workshop. At the end of the game, the N.E.C. players received certificates proving how to deal with match-fixing within their professional football career in the future.

On the 10th of January, the previous Fair Sport 4 All workshop was held at the Club Brugge training complex, one of the EFDN members. The workshop consisted of a mix of learning tools to teach the club NXT, the under 23 team of Club Brugge, about the dangers of match-fixing and what to do when they are involved in any way in a match-fixing situation.


The stakes in professional football are getting higher every day because more money is involved. For this reason, match-fixing is one of the biggest growing threats to professional football. The Fair Sport 4 All programme is designed and coordinated by EFDN, as part of its wide portfolio of socially relevant projects with European professional football organisations, co-funded by the European Union. 

The programme aims to create awareness and develop educational tools for players to prevent or tackle match-fixing. Education is a fundamental part of the Fair Sports 4 All programme, as this will help ensure that all clubs, officials, players and stakeholders are committed to protecting the integrity of the game. Fair Sport 4 All has developed user-friendly educational tools that can be used by all stakeholders involved in the game, to help:

  • Increase the awareness of players, managers and other stakeholders involved in football, about the different types of corruption, fraud and match-fixing incidents that occur at different competitive levels of football.
  • Teach coping skills on resisting offers and temptations to engage in match-fixing.
  • Indicate ways to properly report match-fixing incidents to the relevant authorities.