Report for 2020 related to match-fixing

13 May 2021

Report for 2020 related to match-fixing

The Global Lottery Monitoring System has published a report providing an overview of match-fixing in 2020. The report which was made public can be downloaded from our servers. It illustrates the amount of match-fixing going on and contains some surprising outcomes.  

FIFA and UEFA have been alerted by the GLMS 126 times during last year. Indeed, football is one of the major sports where match-fixing has been found. Unfortunately, European football games are at the top of the ranking with 727 alerts. The 2nd sport is basketball with 70 games concerned by an alert. 

Fair Sport 4 All invites you to read this report highlighting the environment of match-fixing in 2020, 

During the first quarter of 2021, the company already reported 160 alerts in Europe regarding the football industry. You can also find this report on their website at the following link :