The Fair Play Code of Conduct for Players

27 May 2020

The Fair Play Code of Conduct for Players

In the near future, EFDN will release the Fair Sport 4 All ‘Fair Play Code of Conduct’ for players, with the key issues of match-fixing at its core. Check out our latest leaflet to have a preview of this code! 

The Fair Sport 4 All leaflet is now available to download, which includes information about our Fair Play Code of Conduct for Players. This code will be available on our website and will set out the guiding principles of sports betting integrity, whilst laying out the expected standards of behaviours. The code will follow these principles:


Be smartknow the rules and understand the spirit of the game. 

Be safe: watch and play it safe, never bet on your sport. 

Be careful: be careful of the information you share with others. 

Be clean: play fair and be honest, never fix a game. 

Be open: tell others if you experience or witness suspicious behaviour. 


This code of conduct will furnish three important functions. Firstly, those affected by rules or legislation need to be able to understand them. Therefore, this code will familiarise players with what is and what is not allowed.

Secondly, the combination of the guidelines will narrow down the general principles of fair play and, therefore, provide a mechanism for football organisations to impose disciplinary action.

Lastly, the code of conduct will address behaviour pre–in- and post-competition. This will allow football clubs to guide players present and future behaviour on diverse issues towards one another, the club, stakeholders and society in general.

Join us now! Be fair, play fair, be an ambassador for the game.