Fair play code

Fair play code

Sport, particularly football, is valued in communities. In recent years, sport shifted from the margin of society. Due to the role, it plays in our society and the large number of individuals who are involved in it, sport is an important instrument for communicating norms and values. The behaviour demonstrated in sport encompasses values such as respect, self-discipline, tolerance and modesty. Match-fixing undermines these principles. To prevent such behaviour to transfer from sport to everyday life, it is important to increase the understanding of the rules and risk associated with match-fixing.

One of the aspects of education is the ‘Fair Play Code’. This code of conduct for players, that will be available on our web site soon, sets out the guiding principles of sports betting integrity and the expected standards of behaviour. The code follows the principles:

Be smart

Know the rules and understand the spirit of the game- Familiarise yourself with the expected standards of behaviour and guidelines of sports betting integrity. Respect the rules of all relevant stakeholders so that you are aware of your sport’s most recent position, regarding betting. Breaking the rules undermines the spirit of football and its principles of respect and fairness. You could face punishment and damage the integrity of the game.

Be safe

Watch and Play it safe, never bet on your sport- Never bet or gamble on your own matches or competitions.  Don’t purposely loose or carry out a certain action for the purpose of a bet and/or for personal gain. Don’t encourage other stakeholders to bet on any matches that you are participating in. Refrain from partaking in any activity that may harm yourself or football.

Be careful

Be careful of the information you share with others- As a player, you may have access to sensitive information Never share such insights with the general public as you never know where this information could be leaked to. Think of the image and reputation of the sport and your club.

Be clean

Play fair and be honest, never fix an event – Don’t get involved with any criminal activity. Always perform to the best of your ability. Don’t let yourself be manipulated by others. Be careful of suspicious activity within the gambling industry.

Be open

Tell others if you experience or witness suspicious behaviour- Be aware of the those who can help you (for example your players’ association and/or someone you can trust) in case you are approached. Always reach out for help if someone approaches you or one of your teammates, before things get out of control.

The ‘Fair Play Code’ furnishes three important functions. First, those affected by rules or legislations need to be able to understand them. This document will familiarise players with what is and what is not allowed. Second, the combination of the guidelines will narrow down the general principles of fair play and, therefore, provide a mechanism for football organisations to impose disciplinary action. Lastly, the code of conduct document also addresses behaviour pre – in -and post-competition, allowing football clubs to guide players’ present and future behaviour on diverse issues towards one another, the club, stakeholders in the game, and society in general.

Join us now! Be fair, play fair, be an ambassador for the game.