EFDN launches the ‘Fair Sport 4 All’ programme

3 June 2020

EFDN launches the ‘Fair Sport 4 All’ programme

The European Football for Development Network (EFDN) has launched the ‘Fair Sport 4 All’ programme to combat match-fixing.

Match-fixing is seen as one of the biggest threats facing modern-day football. It undermines the overall spirit of the game and the principles of respect, fairness, and integrity. The widespread and global nature of match-fixing has made it a problem that has now become a priority for sports movements and public authorities worldwide. Therefore, the EFDN has created the Fair Sport 4 All programme, together with EFDN community partner Kindred. This cooperation aims to call attention to the responsibility everyone has, in promoting clean and fair competitions.

Fair Sport 4 All is a 36-month programme that aims to raise awareness of the threats of match-fixing, by educating clubs, players and all stakeholders involved in the game. The main objective of the programme is to ensure that the integrity and values of true sportsmanship are represented, respected, and encouraged by all individuals involved in European football.

The main component of this programme is centred around education, to help the football community gain a greater understanding of the rules and risks associated with match-fixing. Specifically, the programme focuses on working with clubs and players. Alongside this, the EFDN will continue to cooperate closely with all interested stakeholders, to support the development and creation of the Fair Play Code and additional Fair Sport 4 All resources. Even though the project specifically targets the football sector, other traditional sports (basketball, volleyball, handball, and water-polo) can also use the guidelines. Through working with our partner Kindred and with the support of all stakeholders involved, the basis for a common understanding of each partner’s roles and requirements will be created, while building trust and confidence amongst the sports community.

Hubert Rovers, CEO of the EFDN said: “Fairness is highly valued in any sport, not just in football. Sport can be such a powerful tool in teaching life skills, promoting social cohesion and fostering values of respect and inclusion. However, this positive power can not be used if the principles of sports get undermined by match-fixing. Therefore, we are joining forces with players, clubs, leagues, FAs, law enforcement agencies, sport governing bodies and other partners to protect the integrity of our sport. We are proud to launch the programme together with Kindred, a competent partner with a sustainability-driven approach for sponsorships and community initiatives.”

Henrik Tjärnström, CEO Kindred Group said: “Match-fixing is a threat to the fundamental idea of sports. Billions of people around the world enjoy participating in or consuming sport, and if the unpredictability of sport events is taken away, this fundamental idea is in severe jeopardy. Match-fixing is also a threat to the gambling industry. If people lose faith in the honesty of a sports event, they will lose faith in betting products as well. Therefore are we very excited for the Fair Sport 4 all-project where we can, together with EFDN, truly make a difference and together fight this very important battle.”

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